Check OS with PowerShell

All information relative to the Operating System installed can be retrieved from the registry and more especially in the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion . Until Windows 8.1, the entry CurrentVersion could be used to retrieve the Windows OS version: . But, this entry is deprecated since Windows 10, and Microsoft recommends to use the following … Read more

Disable NetBIOS with PowerShell

1. NetBIOS and Direct Hosting With direct hosting, NetBIOS is not used for name resolution. DNS is used for name resolution and the Microsoft networking communication is sent directly over TCP without a NetBIOS header. Direct hosting over TCP/IP uses TCP port 445 instead of the NetBIOS session TCP port 139. By default, both NetBIOS … Read more

Assemblies Silent Install

To install assembly files, gacutil must be used. So it must first be copied on the workstation if it’s not present.   The following command can be used to perform a silent installation: