Fixing Windows Updates Servicing Corruption

1. Symptom

Windows Updates cannot be successfully installed.

The installation fails and rolls back after the reboot…




2. Possible Cause

This could be due to an incorrect Windows Update Catalog, or a corrupt Component-Based Servicing catalog.



3. Resolution

To check the status of the Windows Updates on a machine, the DISM tool can be used.



The report can be found here:



3.1 Windows 8 and upper versions

The “RestoreHealth” option can be used to repair corrupted Windows Updates:


Unfortunately, this command is not recognized in Windows 7 environments…



3.2 Windows 7

In the report log file, the last lines shows the files required for the repair.



Those files are located in C:\Windows\servicing\packages

Copy those files from a healthy computer (where the CheckSUR.log does not contain error on those files) to the problematic machine in the following location:





Then, use Windows Update Readiness tool to repair them:



The tool will use the files provided previously to repair.

Retrying to install failing Windows Update should be a success.