SCCM Policy Retrieval

1. Locally on the Workstation

On the client workstation:

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Select “Configuration Manager
  • Go to the “Action” tab


  • Select “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle
  • Click “Run Now



2. Remotely from the SCCM Console

On the SCCM console:

  • In “Assets and compliance”, select the collection


  • Double-Click on the collection, the list of the member appears


For each member, you can see if the SCCM client in installed or not

  • Right-Click on the workstation
  • Client Notification
  • Download Computer Policy   


The policy retrieval starts…

Note: The same action can be done on the entire collection to force the policy retrieval on all the computers.



3. Rerun Advertisement

To Rerun advertisement, the following tool can be used:

Client Center for Configuration Manager

Connect to the targeted workstation

  • Software Distribution
  • Advertisement
  • Load Status


  • Right-Click on the selected package
  • ReRun Advertisement