Files and Folders Security with VBS

The following script allows to modify the security of files or folders (including sub-folders and content). In the following example, the following actions are executed: Creation of an INF file in C:\Temp (Security.inf) This INF allows to grant read and write access rights to the folder C:\Program Files\Soft\Folder and the file C:\Windows\system32\File Execution of the INF … Read more Files and Folders Security with VBS

Update XML with VBScript

This script allows to update data in a XML file. In this example, the following XML file is edited: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Editor\Application\MyFile.xml” The modification will affect the following node in the XML: “//parentnode/targetnode” The new value inside the node is: “Value to add in the node” To play with XML files, the object “Microsoft.XMLDOM” must be used. … Read more Update XML with VBScript

VBScript Usual Commands

Here is a memento of several useful commands in VBScript (common declarations, check files, folders and registry, create or delete files and folders, copy files and folders).   TechNet: W3Schools:   Date/Time, Conversion, Format, Math, Array, String… This article will be updated progressively.   1. Common Declarations Set fso = CreateObject(“scripting.FileSystemObject”) Set WshShell … Read more VBScript Usual Commands