Fix App-V Sequencer Generated MSI Packages

In Windows 10 1607, Windows Installer packages (.MSI files) generated by the App-V sequencer (version 5.1 and earlier) fail to install on computers with the in-box App-V client. When you try to install such a MSI, you get the following error message even if in-box App-V client is enabled on the machine. Microsoft Application Virtualization … Read more Fix App-V Sequencer Generated MSI Packages

Active Setup

1. What is Active Setup Active Setup is a component of Windows.   It’s a registry key present in HKLM:   And HKCU:   In HKLM, each sub-key contains the following entries: [KeyName] is the name of the Sub-Key (Usually the UpgradeCode of the MSI) ComponentID is usually the name of the Application (“ProductName” MSI … Read more Active Setup

ODBC Connections

This article details the way to manage ODBC connections manually using the registry. These registry entries can be added in an installation package (in a MSI, MST, or imported using a script). No reboot or log-off / logon is required. . Create a New Data Source to SQL Server . Registry Create a .reg file … Read more ODBC Connections

MSU Silent Install

MSU are the Microsoft Update files. To install a MSU file, wusa.exe can be used. To perform a logged silent installation, the following command can be used: wusa.exe “C:\Workdir\MyFile.msu” /quiet /norestart /log:C:\Logs\MyFile-Install.evtx  

MSIExec Commands

MSIExec commands allow installing, patching or removing packages silently. Here is a little memo with the most used command.   Install MSI %systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe -I “C:\PackageFolder\setup.msi” /qn /L*xv “C:\LogFolder\install_msi.log”   Install MSI transformed by MST %systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe -I “C:\PackageFolder\setup.msi” TRANSFORMS=”C:\PackageFolder\setup.mst” /qn /L*xv “C:\LogFolder\install_msi.log”   Install MSP %systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe -P “C:\PackageFolder\patch.msp” /qn /L*xv “C:\LogFolder\patch_msp.log”   Uninstall MSI %systemroot%\system32\msiexec.exe -X … Read more MSIExec Commands

MSI Properties

MSI Properties are global variables used by Windows Installer during an installation. . MSDN Link :     ADDLOCAL The value of the ADDLOCAL property is a list of features that are delimited by commas, and are to be installed locally. ADDLOCAL=ALL means that all features will be installed.     ALLUSERS The ALLUSERS property configures … Read more MSI Properties